Friday, February 06, 2004

Our first Day in the Apartment (by Sarah)

SIENA (#17)

WELL NOW! My first real story is finally here! Who wants to know what I’ve been up to?!?!

Italy is amazing – we got here, we are living in our apartment, hanging out with friends, and loving every minute of it! Read more…

We are living in an apartment next door to the Duomo (Cathedral) of Siena!

The interior of the apartment is incredible. My room in the apartment is in the main living room, which is also one of the coldest rooms, and probably least private...oh well. It has three couches and one of them folds out – my bed. Marco Bruschelli, the owner of the apartment, must have been a traveler. We can tell because of all the souvenirs that we see around the house.


In my room, there is like an 8 foot Buddha statue. Luckily, he isn’t scary looking, so instead of a demon waiting to get me at night, I have a Buddha to watch over me! I’ve adopted “the green monster” (which Alex calls “the slug”) to be mine, so that makes up for everything. It’s a huge green comforter I found on my parents’ bed. I fell asleep under it as soon as we got here. The rest of the house is really cool too. To the left of my room/living room, is my parent’s room. It has the closets that everyone except for Alex are using; he has his own in his room. Going to the right of the living room, is Alex’s room. He has a double bed and a wicked cool blue light. It’s probably the warmest room in the house at night. Practically across from it is the bathroom.

The bathroom is personally my favorite room in the apartment. The first room has a bathtub that looks more like a hot tub; I can almost lie down in it. The catch is that it would probably cost about 100 dollars to fill it with water. Also in that room are two sinks and a dresser thing with towels and a mirror. There’s a room off of that one with the toilet and shower. The shower is so much fun, I can’t even express it! (Sarcasm….) It’s about 3 feet wide and gets everything wet. There’s also a window, so mom and I can’t shower until it is all steamed up! Also, it’s freezing when you get out.


Moving on down the hall, there’s another little living room with two couches and a TV. Alex found a Simpson’s rerun in Italian - even Dad couldn’t understand a word they said. I might actually move into this room because it is warmer than mine, although my bed would be a couch.

The next room is the kitchen. It gives off such a nice aura. There’s a table when you walk in, with three chairs and a bench on one side. We already have places where we all sit. The washing machine is in there, and as for the dryer, we use a clothesline outside, which hangs over a 90-foot drop. The sink is made out of brick, as well as most of the kitchen. There is no dishwasher, so we wash all the dirty dishes by hand. It reminds me a lot of camping – where everyone pitches in to help.

Now, for the whole run down on exactly what we’ve been up to here! We got on our plane at like 5:45 or so after our suitcase incident (refer to Alex’s article). On our plane to London, Alex and I watched “The School of Rock” and started to watch “Tomb Raider”, but never finished it. We stayed in London for a few hours. We did a little shopping but I didn’t get anything. We then boarded our plane for Milan. When we got to Milan, a woman was waiting for us with our car information. We got a Peugeot, and our license plate is red because it is a French car. We managed to just fit all of our luggage into the trunk and we were off! For the four hours it took to get to Siena, we listened to music in the car, pointed out beautiful sites, and slept (well not dad).

We arrived in Siena at about 5 in Italian time (maybe like 11 am in America) I was too tired to get out of the car to see Angelo, Laura, and Giulia, and so was Alex, so we stayed in the car and slept. We were woken when our parents got back into the car, with Laura too. We made our way to the Police Station to get permission to drive our car next to the Duomo , so we could unload our baggage. They gave us 30 minutes, so we rushed to our new apartment. After carrying our heavy bags up the 5 flights of stairs, I crashed. I was too tired to eat dinner when Carla, Antonio, Angelo, Laura, and Giulia came, so I just slept more.

Lucky for me, there were leftovers in the morning! For breakfast I had proscioutto, pasta, and a torta that Carla made, with ham and carrots. I also had delicious orange juice and when Dad got back, we made hot chocolate. After breakfast, we all took showers and took out our clothes from our suitcases. Yup, we’re here to stay for a while. After that, it was about 11 here, mom and I crashed again and fell asleep under the green monster on a couch.

While we were sleeping, Alex and Dad went out and got more food. They woke Mom and I up for lunch. We had pasta with zucchini and artichokes (carciofi). After lunch, we had our first Italian lesson. We started at chapter one in the Italian book I had been using in class, so naturally I knew most of the material already. We all went out for a walk after that. In the city, we bought more food and went to a department store for some pots and pans. Since we don’t have a phone yet, we had to use a public phone in the piazza. We then went home and ate sandwiches and leftovers for dinner. Yumm. Then sleepy time. I’m sleeping in the TV room because it is supposedly warmer. Whatever, as long as I have the green monster, I’m okay!


2004-02-25 22:20:40 bellonick1214 Re: Our first day living in the apartment!

i bet your view of the city is amazing. geeze when i look out my window i see hmmm 2 cars. my moms and my dads. you guys see everything! 

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