Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Reentry (by Steve)


Well, we're back.  And I must admit that there are a number of things that are really attractive about these United States and that six months away is enough to appreciate them again.  But having a few more weeks off and entertaining Italian guests has made coming back a real pleasure.  Everything is just so, well, transparent. And customer centric.  It is a little odd adjusting.  You hang up the phone after talking to someone in customer service and you actually feel confident how and when your needs will be satisfied.  Strange. And driving feels funny too.  I can't exactly say what is different but it seems hard to predict what other drivers will do.  It seems odd that they just stay in their lanes and don't vary their speed by more than, say 5 miles per hour.  Imagine that!  The distances and lanes are just so large and laid out such that it you can actually think about other things while you drive!  And yesterday I bought a quarter of a pound of turkey breast.  I couldn't believe it when I got home.  A quarter of a pound!  Although that's enough salami to feed the family in Italy and a find amount to buy if you shop every day, it is pretty silly when you put it on a single sandwich here.

Laura, Angelo and Giulia arrived yesterday.  I can't quite describe how wonderful it is to see them here even though we've been together a lot in the past 5 months.  In a few days, their friends, Alexandra, Paolo and their son, Niccolo' will also arrive.  They will be touring Maine, Cape Cod and the Islands, and Rhode Island on their own and with us sometimes.  Perhaps the coolest thing about rediscovering all the great things about the United States and having Italian guests at the same time is that we can share the experience.  I am expecting to have a blast.

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