Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Now There are Images Too (by Steve)


I have integrated an application called Gallery with the Nuke content and community management software with mixed results.

The good part is that we can now upload images in a controlled way to the website from any computer. You can all enjoy the first album I created with of the Ducci/Giallombardo family in Touisset several years ago. [This was linked to /italy2004archive/homeimages/Italians-in-America/|images]

In general, I have been very pleased with the Gallery software.  It was quite amazing how it integrated with the extensible security and user management capabilities of Nuke.

On the other hand, the basic news facility managing the content you are reading now, based on Drupal, cannot handle images.  I am looking for a more integrated authoring environment.  One possibility is to use the Content module which basically exposes a web page to the author.  Another possibility is to investigate other modular extensions like Gallery, even writing our own.

COMMENTS from the original blog

2006-10-21 14:47:37 stefano
Updated from Nuke to Drupal
I have completed the upgrade from PHP-Nuke to Drupal.  The images are still in Gallery but a newer version.

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stefanoq said...

I can't believe how bad this is. I'm not sure what the last paragraph even means. Anyway, it is interesting only from a historical perspective at this point. I am in the process of moving text and images from Drupal and Gallery to this hosted blogging platform from Google. It's a lot better. And more importantly, it's maintained by Google and free.