Sunday, January 25, 2004

1/25/2004, Lexington -- My First Entry (by Sarah)


Heyyyyyyyy all! Today is sunday, the 25th (exactly six months til my birthday!!!) So many things are coming up that are symbolizing our trip and that we are actually going!  We sent boxes of books and what not to the Duccis. Hutch is all set up in Rhode Island. Orna came for dinner to see the house here in Lexington, Friday night.

I just got home from our LUSY event, woo hooo! And I got like one hour of sleep (possibly) - props to ja and ari, thanks guys haha! Italy is so near - only a week left of school.

Also on Friday night, was when Kari, Izzie and Jesse threw a huge surprise party for me! I had absolutely NO idea (holaaa chicaaaaaa)! I was so glad to see so many of my friends (there was like 35 of you?!?!) from various places - all getting along great! It was amazing, and meant so much to me! (Thanks again guys!!!!!!!)

As well as a really fun night, it was also an enormous reality shock.  Its really happening! We are actually leaving for 5 months to have an incredible adventure! But I'm beginning to see how much I will miss my friends here, you know who you are guys.

Nothing much else to say, we're just keeping busy prepping and such. yeah.

COMMENTS from the original blog:

1/26/2004 10:48 PM Steve Quatrano:  Some Background

Some background may be useful here, Sarah.  Hutch, who Sarah mentions in her article, is my friend John Hutchinson.  He is doing a huge favor for us staying in our place in RI and caring for Annie.

Orna Granot is an Israeli, a friend and cousin of Cathy Gildesgame, who is living in our house in Lexington.  She is using it as a base to begin her graduate program at Simmons College and a search for more permanent quarters.  She will be joinded by her husband, Ofer Nivy, a software engineer."

1/28/2004 10:22 PM Steve Quatrano:  What does 'props' mean?

So I had to look up the definition of 'props'.  Turns out, it is a word and Sarah used it correctly in a sentence.  No surprise.  See definition at

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