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Our Second 20 Days of Food (by Doreen)

SIENA (#33)

Days 11-20: Steve is becoming friends with the shopkeepers ie the meals are getting even more interesting. Read more to see what we're up to in the Dining Room.

Day 11:
For lunch, we had pasta in marina, turkey cutlets in lemon, cabbage/carrot salad (conditioned with lemon, olive oil and salt/pepper, and fruit.

Day 12:
Lunch today was great. Steve made a Ribolita –soup with black chard (cavalo nero), ceci, carrots, celery, garlic served over stale bread and stuffed artichokes, salad, salami and cheese, wine and blood oranges and apples for dessert

Day 13:
We packed a picnic lunch (a choice of scrambled egg, cheese and salami sandwiches.

Day 14:
pranzo Рrisotto with porcini, saut̩ed cauliflower with fresh tomato, chicken meat, and salad. Artichoke pasta for dinner.

Lunch was delicious. Steve made a vegetable based risotto with cavalo nero (black chard/cabbage), beet greens, and red onions with a few leftover ceci. We also had bread, cheeses (lots of varieties –like 30 or so pecorinos in the cheese section), salad, fruit and wine. We’re really enjoying the cheeses and are starting to be more concerned with getting enough fiber and fresh vegetables, though we are eating them constantly, too, ie we’re getting a little caca-centric. Aging? No just change in eating/food habits and results….

The food is different. Though, there are grapes from Chile and walnuts from California, the apples and oranges are local and delicious –really, they just contain less water than ours and hence have the flavor preserved. I wonder if in “wet years” they taste more like ours?? The kids think the apples taste like Jolly Rancher candies.

Day 16 Friday:
Lunch today was again magnificent. Tortellina (spinach and ricotta) in sage and butter followed by beef cutlets ala Milanese (breaded with lemon) and haricourt vert (French s hin string/green beans) in tomato/garlic sauce, Fagiolini (little white beans in aceto –vinegar- and olio with sale e pepe) bread, wine, ARANCIATA (orange soda that is truly delicious) and fruit (mandarino) for dessert. Yumm. (For all those curious, Steve has lost a few inches off his belt and well, I’m fitting differently in my clothes—in a good way.)

Day 17:
Steve busied himself with completed the Bolognese sauce he had started the night before. After we left, he started chopping up the chicken??rooster (with head, feet, and many feathers) we bought the day before to go in the “pollo a umida” (?chicken cooked in it’s own juices) – as Carla had taught him. We also had fagiolini verde (the thin French greenbeans in a tomato sauce with fresh mixed wild mushrooms….delish, salad, chees, salami, fruit and wine. (Lucca) for cena, we ate take out pizza (real thin crust with arugula, eggplant, zucchini --extremely thinly sliced, cheese, and a proscuito/cheese pie). It was tasty

Day 18:
(Lucca) We had pranzo including Brasoale with Parmesan sprinkled on top, and toast, Prosecco, then at the table, pasta with meat sauce, cheese (no bread) and then salad and a “crumble” made by a British ex-pat who was also at lunch with her daughter. Back at home, we at a brief dinner (gathered by me for a change), gnocchi with sauce and salad (and bread, cheese and wine).

Day 19 Monday:
Pranzo (delicious again)…polenta, not quite stiff enough-to be discussed with Carla, with hamburger/leftover beef ragu from Saturday, salad, salami, formaggio, frutta. Steve made a quick dinner or pasta with leftover sauce and the rest of the usual –sal x2 (ad and ami), f(ormaggio), v(ino), w(ater).

COMMENTS from the original blog

2004-03-28 04:54:4533 Roz
Re: Our Second 20 Days of Food (by Doreen)
I would love to have some specifics about the chicken cooked in its own juice.  I thought I always cooked  it in its own juice, but, obviously,  I could learn something from Carla.  For sure,  I'm not dealing with head or feet!    

Thanks again, for sharing.  These are wonderfully appetizing tidbits; if only we could eat instead of read them!-----Roz

2004-05-05 11:35:03 Barbara
Re: Our Second 20 Days of Food (by Doreen)
Reading this is like looking at a menu of the Tuscan restaurants we visited this spring.  The Italians do wonders with risotto and I am sure Steve is doing wonders too.  The vegetables are all so good and we too felt we were eating such healthful food.  When you return home, you will find that you can get blood orange juice at  Trader Joe's and also delicious vegetables spreads for bruschetta dripping in olive oil, of course.

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