Thursday, March 25, 2004

Published Notes of Monestary Architecture (by Sarah)

Sant ANTIMO and San GALGANO (#31)

See my recently published notes comparing the Romanesque Architecture of Sant Antimo with the Gothic Architecture of San Galgano.



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2004-05-05 11:21:25 Barbara
Re: Published Notes of Monestary Architecture (by Sarah)
You are really observant, Sarah.  Sant'Antimo was one of the places we visited on our walking tour of Tuscany this March and you described it very well. The entire setting is gorgeous, and I can't believe how beautifully it's been preserved.  There were tour busses everywhere but our group approached it after a 4-mile hike downhill in gorgeous weather (no show showers that day).

2004-05-05 20:49:2131 stefano
Re: Published Notes of Monestary Architecture (by Sarah)
When we first saw this church in 1979, we were a bunch of College students on our first field trip.  I believe we had seen San Galgano that morning with our Art History professor, Alberto Cornici.  After a picnic lunch we took a bus to Sant Antimo.  I remember clearly because when we got there it was fairly early after pranzo, perhaps around 4:00 or so, and it was closed.  Professor Cornici actually went into town to rouse the caretaker to get him to open the church for us.  Not only were there no busses, there were no postcards, no lights, no facilities, and no caretaker!

Italy in general and Tuscany in particular have developed a lot since then!

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