Sunday, May 16, 2004

Happy Birthday, Alex (by Grandpa Karoll)

ST LOUIS (#58)

We can tell that time has passed by looking at your name.
Alexander, Allie, Alex, you're called, but none the same!

One formal; one - early on, perhaps childish or playful;
Your latest choice, more mature, developed, thoughtful.

As a grandparent fortunate for short exposures over time,
My thoughts about you tend to the happy and sublime.

I've been there to visit from the time you were born,
And on some occasions even from nighttime to morn.

We've travelled to Italy with Grandma Gloria, now passed,
From Oregon to California with Eleanore, miles we amassed.

We've visited Brooklyn, Cambridge, Lexington et, al.
Ventured out to Touisset Point when we came to call.

Watching you at play from earliest times, such delight!
Rattles, hang toys, alphabet blocks, at the start of your life,

To word games, challenge games, to sports - such a sight.
Watch and participate with you - such enjoyment rife.

At bris and bar mitzvah, times to attend and to qvell,
Aware of your growing and developing, much to tell.

Another birthday arrives, to make note of and to wish,
Good health, pleasant experiences, luck in finding your niche.

Happy Birthday - Grandpa Karoll

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2004-05-19 19:14:46 alex

I really like this poem.  I know you do this every year and more often on other occasions, but thank you very much for spending your time on this poem!  I wrote a poem for italian class, and Kathy (a girl in my class who speaks english) translated it into italian.  Some time in mid June I am going to read the poem in public (in Italian and English) in Florence.  I'll post that soon, thanks again,


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