Wednesday, May 19, 2004

My Field Trip to Parco Regionale della Maremma (by Sarah)

SIENA (#60)

This past Tuesday, my class and I went on our long awaited field trip to the Parco Regionale della Maremma. We hiked for three hours and stayed at a beach for two hours, and then hiked the three hours back. We were all so exhausted when we got home, but we all had a very memorable time! See pictures and don't forget to read on!!! We had been talking about this field trip for the past two weeks in science class. And when I say we talk about it in science class, we only talk about the trip and that's it during class! We were going for a walk in a park in maremma to see science and biology at its best.

7:55 am

I arrived at the parking lot and found most of the rest of my class waiting for the bus. Of course, the first thing we talked about was what everyone brought to eat. "Looks like another 'food-o-centric' field trip!" I thought to myself. The other class that was coming with us on the trip started to arrive. The bus came a few minutes after almost everyone was there.

8:18 am

We finally left the parking lot after waiting an extra 20 minutes for a boy in my class, Francesco Casprini, to get to the parking lot. Apparently, he was halfway there when he realized he forgot something (probably his discman or a sandwich, you know, the important stuff) and had to turn around and go get it. When he stepped onto the bus, he received an expected round of applause, and our bus driver (who was already annoyed with us) stepped on the gas.

9:45 am

Our bus pulled into the lot at Parco Regionale della Maremma. We all got little pamphlets with a map on the back. We traced our path that we were going to take. It was the longest one that there was - 12 kilometers. The expected time getting there and back was six hours. After waiting for everyone to go to the bathroom, we got on a bus that took us to the start of the trail. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we were all really excited.

10:15 am

We started on the trail. Our guide was quite a character. He was dressed in nice hiking-sandals, short shorts, camouflage shirt, and matching camouflage hat. We walked for maybe two minutes when he made everyone stop because there was a mint bush. He talked about mint for a while and made everyone smell it. About two minutes later, we stopped again, this time to smell rosemary. We continued on like this for a bit, and then we just walked. So that was the "biology" portion of the trip. About an hour or so later, we were all spread out along the trail, so our guide waited in one spot and counted everyone as they passed. By that time, he was not wearing his shirt. As my friends and I passed him, we couldn't help but let a little snort/giggle escape. As we walked, we caught glimpses of where we were going to end up - right on the beach. The sights were simply gorgeous.

1:10 pm

We were all exhausted from the sun beating down on us, hiking through the woods, and keeping up with our guide when three hours we finally arrived at our destination - Cala di Forno. It was bascially just a nice and completely empty beach! The first thing our guide does is strip off his remaining clothes besides his little speedo and jumps right into the freezing cold water. We all take off our shoes and socks and manage to put our feet in the water and run around a little bit until collapsing on towels that a few kids brought. After a good rest, we got out our food and ate (surprising, right?)! A few of us explored for a while and walked around. Almost all of us fell asleep, and woke up a little later very sunburned but also very satisfied. After all, there's nothing better than a nap on the sea side! We organized a few games; soccer and some races up and down the shore. Then, at around 2:40, it was time to start heading back.

5:30 pm

We got back to the starting point of the trail. I think it took less time to get back because everyone was tired and red and wanted to get something cold from a bar. Sure enough, when we got there, everyone raced to the restrooms first, and then we were in the bar for a while getting ice cream and cold drinks after the long walk.

6:10 pm

After everyone was refreshed, we piled back on the bus to go home. A lot of kids were tired and wanted to sleep and some of them were just bouncing off the walls with energy. Whenever someone falls asleep, it's a big deal. The person that notices starts going, "SHHHH! 'so-and-so' is sleeping!" And then everyone else goes, "SHHHHHHH! Don't wake him/her up!" I'm not sure how the sleeping person isn't wide awake after all of this, but then someone is elected to sneak up and scream as loud as they can in the perfectly innocent kid's ear. My friends never tire of this 'game' per say. And they had even more fun once they figured out how to make the flash of the disposable cameras go off when the roll was done. They would tap someone on the shoulder, and when they turned around they got a big FLASH right in the eyes. Nice kids, huh.

7:40 pm

We pulled into the parking lot near school. As we all got off we realized how sunburned all of us were, except for Simone Sforza who was the only one smart enough to remember to put on sunscreen. It was a great day, and everyone had an amazing time. Be sure to check out all of my pictures!!!!!!!!

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2004-05-20 19:18:2660 jmr2488
Re: My Field Trip to Parco Regionale della Maremma (by Sarah)
that souunds like so much fun! i wish we could have those in lex!! i miss you sar!!
love , jessica

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