Wednesday, February 25, 2004

02138: The World's Most Opinionated ZIP Code (by Shari)

CAMBRIDGE, February 20th

Oggi Davin Paley, mio figlio, ha incominciato ad organizzare i suoi compagni di scuola in una protesta control l'aministrazione.  Oggi, Davin va a uno tavolo con amici del aula altro.  Il suo Principal Tim dice: ogni aula a suo propio tavolo.  Davin vorebbe stare con lei amici.  Davin capisca che cos'e che Principal Tim dice. Davin finisco suo pasto in ufficio di Principal Tim.  Davin scribe con amici gli segni che dicono, "Freedom of Seats."  Sta con suo t-shirt nero che dice, "Cambridge 02138: the world's most opinionated zipcode."  Oggi, un segni.  Domani, una manifestazione.

E difficile apprendere italiano.  E piu difficile stare una madre.


2004-02-27 06:29:48 stefano
Today, Davin Paley, my son, is has begun to organize other students in a protest against the administration [of his school].  Today, Davin goes to a table with friends from another classroom.  The Principal Tim says: "Every student to their own table."  But Davin wants to stay with his friends.  Davin understands what the Principal says.  Davin finishes his misadventure in the Principal's office.  Davin writes some signs that say "Freedom of Seats."

There is a black T-shirt that says, "Cambridge 02138:  the world's most opinionated zipcode."  Today a sign.  Tomorrow a protest march.

It is difficult to learn Italian.  It is more difficult to be a mother."

2004-02-27 06:34:38 stefano
Re: 02138:  The World's Most Opinionated ZIP Code
Shari, you say that you find parenting a challenge.  However, you can't hide the pride in your voice when you describe Davin's budding radicalism.  Even in Italian!  We look forward to more submissions from our State-side subscriber base.  Thanks!


2004-02-29 15:13:53 Roz
Re: 02138:  The World's Most Opinionated ZIP Code
Ma,  qui e Shari????

2004-05-29 17:13:02 BubbieBarbi
Re: 02138:  The World's Most Opinionated ZIP Code (by Shari)
Dear Editor,

Translation would help those of us fumbling.  I am getting a lot, but a special page in English would make it "pui chiaro" and add a pat on the back for my self esteem and those "hvem kanskje vaer fluene i andre spraak, men ikke italiensk."  ("Min ordboken italiensk er stille" packed in storage, "saa jeg kan ikke gjore hjemverken min med facile.")  

Tua Madre (aka Mor)

Shari, I agree that grasping italiano is difficult, but being a mom is facile (""og absoluttlig fantastisk"")!!!  (Especially when the bambini are grown and flown away!)

Hilsen fra BarbiQ


stefanoq said...

OK, now I am sad. I miss Shari.

She might have been the only one who took me seriously and submitted a post of her own, becoming a "guest blogger" on our site.

For what it's worth, Shari, it is hard to learn Italian. And it's even harder to be a mother. And it's harder still, I think, to loose a friend who consistently committed her considerable strength, beauty, energy and intelligence to being a great mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend.


stefanoq said...

It's interesting that this exchange is pre-facebook and it's pretty clear that nobody really knew how any of this should work... only 10 years ago!