Sunday, May 16, 2004

Packing for Verona (by Alex)

SIENA (#56)

While packing for the class trip to Verona I was thinking about how many clothes to bring.  I thought, "well, this is Europe, so the kids will probably have a little tiny backpacks with clothes, and they will wear the clothes for like 2 days in a row."  I managed to fit the full 3 days worth of clothes in by backpack, and I stepped back for a moment.  The backpack was exploding.  I thought of what the situation would look like everybody with their little backpacks and me with my huge one, but at least I didn't have two bags, right?

Wrong!  When I met my friends at the costarella (our meeting place) they all had two bags:  their backpacks with a good amount of things inside and small suitcase.  With that much room I could pack for two weeks!

Then it hit me.  They're also Italians.  It turns out that they all had street clothes and nicer cloths for the hotel for each of the three days.  And then the American Italian showed up with her huge suitcase and a stuffed backpack.  I later figured out she had multiple choices of clothes for each day depending on how she felt.  I mean, you can't pick out clothes AHEAD OF TIME!

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COMMENTS from the original blog

2004-05-16 16:05:24 sarah
Re: Packing for Verona
Haha nice, Kathy.

2004-05-16 21:01:20 stefano
Re: Packing for Verona (the American Italian)
When I was working in Phoenix in 1980, I tried to make some extra money teaching Italian at the Italian American Club there.  I attended a meeting where I pitched my services (and got several clients too).  But I had to share the agenda that night with a very interesting debate:  a minority of them wanted to change there name to the 'American Italian Club' because it sounded more American to them.  The motion failed although no one actually made the point that an American Italian Club is actually a type of Italian Club and is less American.  (Technically, American is an adverb that modifies Italian which modifies Club).

Kathy is indeed an Italian with American parents:  an American Italian!  And she apparently likes clothes more than her Italian American friend.

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