Monday, January 26, 2004

Welcome to Quatrano News! (by Steve)

LEXINGTON, Jan 26, 2004

This is the web site with the stories and journals documenting the adventures of our family in Siena, Italy.

This is an experiment.  We have put this together very rapidly and it is constantly changing.  We ask for your patience and hope that you find it worthwhile.

We are using some open source content management and ""on line community"" software which assumes you are familiar with some pretty advanced dynamic web news services such as slash dot.  For many of you, however, we know that this assumption is false.

For those of you in this group, and you know who you are, be advised:  some additional patience and background is essential.  Start by reading this.

Sites like these typically provide a means for a group of authors to publish stories easily, using the web itself as an authoring and content management tool.  They typically enable readers to comment on stories, search through and organize the content, and otherwise personalize their reading experience. Finally, it provides a way for registered users to interact with one another around the specialized content that brought them to the site in the first place.

Sound like fun?  A virtual open house for friends and family?

Once you register and login to the website, the writing is organized by author, length and topic.  (NB. REGISTERING is creating a new account and LOGGING IN is required each time you access it). There are journal entries, articles, and longer stories.  We are still working on ways to integrate art and photography.  You can contribute too!  Please feel free to comment on what you find and reach out to our community of friends who are interested in sharing our experiences.

However, we ask that you identify yourself by registering using the login panel on the right of the home page. And -- although what you write is beyond the reach of search engines like Google and restricted to our extended community of family and friends-- please keep in mind that what you publish is public.

If you forget your password but have a valid account, you can request that the system assign you a random password.  But you cannot ask for a new password if you have not yet registered initially.

Here is a quick test:  Can you explain the difference between creating a new user account and logging in?  What about the difference between entering a password on the initial registration, changing the password on an existing account, or asking for the system to generate a new password on an existing account?  If you can't, try and read this article again from the top.

[Instructions for creating an account and logging in have been omitted].

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stefanoq said...

The details for logging in and creating an account have been omitted from this post because they are no longer relevant. The software used to host this blog is different from that of our family website in 2004. I include this post only for context and your amusement. Keep in mind that this was actually BEFORE FACEBOOK at a time when blogging and open source content management systems were just being widely adopted for the first time. The term 'social media' and 'social networking' were not being used.