Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Our Trip to the South (by Sarah)

SIENA (#65)

Hey. It’s been a while since we have written anything. I decided to take the initiative and update all of our loyal readers on what the hell we’ve been doing this past busy month!

Both Alex’s and my school ended on Saturday, June 5th.  On the following Sunday, early in the morning, the contrada of the Giraffa made their march around the city, so I ran outside before we left and saw my friend Simone in complete uniform and throwing a huge flag up in the air along with others in the group.

We then packed up the car and began our trip with the four hour drive to Naples.

Costiera Amalfitana from Stefania's balcony
Mt. Vesuvius from Stefania's
Stefania and Teodoro

In Naples, we went to Stefania's house to stay for the night. Stefania is a friend of both my dad and my grandfather. She went to the USA a few years ago and actually worked in my grandpa’s lab with him. Her family, husband Teodoro and daughter Chiara, were very nice in welcoming us and treated us to a wonderful Neopolitan dinner. For the night, we stayed in Stefania’s parents’ beautiful house.



The next day, Stefania drove us to the port in Sorrento from which we took a ferry to Ischia, where we would be the next two days (7th and 8th of June). In Ischia, we basically hung out in a hotel, on the beach and explored the towns on the island. We also hiked up the tallest mountain called Mt. Epomeo and saw great views.


The 9th was the busiest day of our vacation. We took a ferry from Ischia to Capri, and then back to Sorrento. We then took a bus and a train to get back to Stefania’s house to get our car.

Then we drove about an hour to get to Pompei. Pompei was gorgeous, and we had a great guide. We had to be done by around 5 pm so that we could meet up with Maria and her son Alexander in Paestum to see the Greek Ruins.  (She was the same friend who spent time with us in Siena a few months ago).

After seeing Paestum, we headed over to their hotel an hour away. We ate a lovely dinner of vongole (clams) and at around 10:30 got in the car and drove three hours to Campobasso where we had hotel reservations. Finally at around one in the morning, we arrived and went right to bed.

The 10th, we woke up in Campobasso and ate some breakfast at a bar. We then met with Carmella, a distant relative of ours. We drove to Macchia, where our family is from, and then to Pietracatella. We spent the day with Carmella, Pasquale, and Nina, who are relatives in some way. Then, we drove back to Campobasso and met up with one of dad’s old friends - Donato. We went out for pizza with their family and then came back to the hotel.

The 11th, we said goodbye to Carmella and then got in the car and were off to Rome. We checked into our hotel and then went off to explore the city. We saw a museum, some monuments, and the old forum (or Foro Romano in Italian). By that time it was getting late, so we had dinner and then went back to our hotel.

The next morning, we woke up and ate breakfast in the hotel. Then, we went to the Vatican. It took about 4 hours to wait in line, and finally we got into the museum and saw the Sistine Chapel. We ate lunch somewhere near the Vaticano in a nice restaurant. After touring some more, we met up with Adele (Donato’s sister) and her family for dinner.

Duomo di Orvieto

The 13th, we packed up everything and went to Adele’s house for lunch and to say goodbye. Then we piled back into the car and were on our way home. We stopped n a small town called Orvieto on the way back. The Duomo there was the inspiration of the Duomo in Siena. They look very similar. We got home that night as tired as could be.

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2005-10-03 21:58:05 stefano
Italian relatives in Pietracatella
Steve's Nonna's family was from Macchia, about 5 miles North East of Pietracatella.  Nonna's sister, Julia, married Matteo from Pietracatella in the US.  Matteo's family remained here.  Nina and Carmela were daughters of Matteo's Sister.  So, Sarah is right: pretty distant "relations".  Si dice 'cugini' in italiano.

2004-08-13 01:38:05 nancy
Re: Our Trip to the South (by Sarah)
Hi Sara,

I hope you enjoyed the south I think it is so beautiful and you are a very lucky girl to have been able to do all that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I enjoyed reading all about it.


Nancy  {salon Ursino}

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