Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Some Guests and Packing for Home (by Sarah)

SIENA (#66)

The 14th of June, the same day we returned from our vacation to the South, we started seeing a number of families and friends from the US.

First, the Zimble family arrived. We showed them around Siena and had a great time. The next day, we met with Rick, a friend from Lexington. On Wednesday, we went to mercato and then met with the Zimbles again for a wine tour in Castellina. After, we went back to their agri-tourism hotel and swam in their pool. We all helped to prepare a fabulous dinner, and then came back to Siena. The next day, we had a dinner with the Ducci family and with Rick. On Friday, Dad drove Rick to the airport in Florence. Saturday we went to Lucca and to the beach with the Gherardi family and with the Zimble family. We stayed in Lucca for the night at a hotel called Corte Degli Angeli. The next day, we went to Cinque Terre (the second time for us) with the Gherardis and the Zimbles. We had a great time and then headed back for Siena.

On Monday, Edward and Ellen – friends from New York – arrived. We did lots of stuff around Siena with them, and then on Friday they left. On the following Sunday, we were surprised by the Keverians from Lexington. Alex and I showed them around Siena for the day. Then Penny Prather, a friend of Mom's, and her sister, brother and sister-in-law came for a day.

We thought we could have a little rest for a while after that, but NO WAY! The Palio is on Friday, and this whole week is going to be busier than ever because we are meeting our friends all the time and we have to pack too.

Actually, we are pretty much packed. Our stuff is all in boxes some of which we are taking down to the post office today. Our clothes are also all packed into suitcases. Sunday, we leave at around 10 am to drive to Milan. We stay there for the night and then get on a plane to come home the next morning. Our adventure is almost over. We've had so much fun and such great experiences, but I think I am ready to come home.

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